mARIVIC aQUINO / nurse joan kathleen fronda

Relative to OUA Memo 00-0221-0019 dated January 28, 2021, signed by Usec. Alain Del B. Pascua, Undersecretary, Department of Education, Office of the Undersecretary for administration (OUA) re: Adolescent Health Webinar Series, SDO Pasay City School Governance and Operations Division-Youth Formation Development (SGOD-YFD) will conduct the launching of Adolescent Reproductive Health Webinar Series in September 23-24,2021.

In line with the above Premise, All Schools Submitted infographics video that used in school-based webinar series.


All participants of the infographic video contest are judged according to the overall criteria: 50% Effectiveness in raising Awareness about ARH, 25% Originality/Creativity and 25% for audio and visual quality with a total of 100%.

Infographics Video topics are assigned by Cluster

Nutrition – Cluster 1 & 2

Puberty/Menstrual Health – Cluster 3 & 4

Injury Prevention – Cluster 5 & 6

Infectious Diseases – Cluster 7 & 8

Parenting (7 psychological needs) – Cluster 9 & 10 

Timoteo Paez Elementary School is part of Cluster 3, and the Infographic Video that we present is about Puberty/Menstrual Health. There is 1 winner on each topic and It was announced during Launching of ARH webinar series. 

Timoteo Paez Elementary School was chosen as the winner of Puberty/Menstrual Health Infographics Video.